Early 2021 Cakes

January 2021

I wanted to try different buttercream coverings on a cake. I planned to cover a cake in white buttercream and then use a stencil to add yellow buttercream, using stencils like these from Amazon.

It was a disaster; the yellow buttercream just made a mess. I think I should have put the cake in the fridge after the white coat so that its completely hard before adding the stencil layer.

To try and save the cake I just covered the whole cake in the yellow buttercream. It was not an attractive cake and to make matters worse the cake itself was overcooked. Oh well its all a learning curve right?

Next cake I made I wanted to practice with patterned edge scraper. I also played with the cake flavours by making a lesson cake using the rinds of two lemons in the cake and some juice in the American buttercream. It was delicious and I don’t normally like lemon flavoured things. The bake of the cake was a little better, still slightly over cooked.

April 2022

April was a busy month with lots of friends/family birthdays.

Marvel Cake
For a friends son’s birthday I attempted a Marvel Avengers cake. It was the first time I had attempted to cover a cake in different colour sugar paste and I didn’t find it that easy. I kept getting the buttercream from the cake on my hands and then onto the top of the sugar paste which marked.

I also used cutters for the first time with sugar paste and I found the sugar paste just stuck to the cutters and I struggled to get it out, especially from the spider cutter. Other baker’s suggestions was to use cling film on top of the sugar paste or dust the cutter with cornflower, something for me to try next time.

I had a go at modelling a shape in sugar paste for hulk’s fist, it turned out OK but there is much room for improvement.

Overall it was a success as the little boy loved it and that’s all that matters.

Horse cakes
For a friend’s 18th birthday I make her horse cupcakes and a horse cake.
I got the horse cupcake instructions from Little Peach Cakery.

Pokemon Cake
My nephew loves Pokemon so for his 12th birthday I made a Pokomon cake. The cake was a vanilla sponge and the ears and Pokomon ball was made from Rice Krispie Squares. I found the ears especially hard to do and they ended up really chunky.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake
For my nephew’s 15th birthday he requested I try a cake I have not done before. I chose to try Jane Patisserie‘s White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake from her first book.

It was delicious. Although the inside of the cake hard a dark colour unlike the look of Jane’s cake, I suspect from the raspberry coulis added to the cake batter.

Chocolate Orange Cake
My brother-in-law loves chocolate orange so I decided to try and make a chocolate and orange cake. I used the rind of 2 oranges in the two 8″ cake mixtures. I used some of the juice in the chocolate American buttercream.

For the decoration, I was trying to have a brown background with orange buttercream smudged on top. However they just blended together. I think I needed the brown chocolate later to be a lot colder before trying to add the orange smudges.

For the top decoration I tried chocolate swirls by melting chocolate and painting it on acetate then twisting the acetate and letting it cool. When I came to remove the chocolate from the acetate it just broke up. I obviously need to learn how to temper chocolate.

Gluten Free Cakes
I tried my first ever gluten free baking when making some gluten free Victoria sponge cupcakes. I used the recipe from the following website and you would have never known the cupcakes were not gluten free, they were amazing.


Mary Berry’s Apple, Cinnamon and Walnut cake
After watching old episodes of The Great British Bake Off I bought myself a Mary Berry cookbook. The first thing I tried was her “Apple, Cinnamon and Walnut cake” and it did not disappoint. This is the best flavour cake I have made.

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